How to use Chat-GPT for a Mid Journey prompt?

I’m answered the Chat-GPT AI to generate a prompt for me in a strict image and i’m got a very long text result:

Chat-GPT first result

MJ first result

I’m tried this in a prompt on my MJ account to check the results:

After saw the result i’m realized the theme of the scene isn’t added to the prompt then i asked the AI to add it:

Chat-GPT second result

It’s a little bit longer, but i tried it on MJ to generate the image for the theme:

MJ second result

Mid Journey second step – dark fantasy modifiers

Yeah, that’s cool. This images is much closer what i want!

I share here my prompt to this generation feel free to use it!

/imagine The old woman stumbled through the dark and twisted forest, her mourning veil fluttering in the bitter wind. The black dress she wore was torn and tattered, a reflection of the horrors she had faced on her journey. She clutched desperately at the locket around her neck, the only remaining piece of her husband who had been taken from her by an unknown force. The darkness seemed to close in around her as she walked, the trees becoming twisted and gnarled, their branches reaching out like grasping hands. She heard whispers on the wind, voices calling to her in a language she didn't understand. The old woman's heart was filled with sorrow and fear, and she felt like she was being pushed to the brink of despair. Suddenly, she saw a flicker of light in the distance, a beacon of hope in the darkness. She made her way towards it, her pace quickening as she realized it was a small village. But as she approached, she saw that the village was not what it seemed. The houses were twisted and misshapen, the villagers themselves seemed to be half-human, half-beast. The old woman realized too late that she had stumbled upon a cursed village, and the forces of darkness were closing in on her. The mourning veil became a symbol of her hopelessness as she realized that she may never escape the dark fantasy that had come to claim her. The sorrow and desperation she felt was nothing compared to the horrors she was about to face, and she knew that she was facing a force beyond her comprehension, a force that would consume her soul. Dark-fantasy::2 horror:1 --c 20 --s 999